Tom Schneller  

Film music scholar






Welcome to my website! I am a film music reseacher, writer, lecturer, and composer. My area of specialty is American film music, with a particular focus on the work of Bernard Herrmann and John Williams. Issues of style and form in film music have been of particular interest to me, and I have published articles on modular form, leitmotif technique, and teleological genesis in The Musical Quarterly, Popular Music History, and The Journal of Film Music. I wrote my dissertation on the music of Bernard Herrmann.

Although in recent years I have focused on musicological and music-theoretical writing, my educational background is in composition. I obtained my Doctor of Musical Arts from Cornell University, where I studied with Steven Stucky, Roberto Sierra, and David Rosen, and my Masters degree in composition from the Cincinnati College-Conservatory, where I studied with Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon.

I am currently working as a lecturer in music history at Ithaca College, where I have taught survey courses in all periods of western music from antiquity to the present, as well as orchestration and post-tonal theory. I have also taught as a lecturer in music history and music theory at Cornell University. I live in Ithaca, in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, with my wife Lenora and my sons Theo and Julian.